Personal Testimonies

Friends of Planned Purity, this page will highlight personal testimonies! The cool thing about testimonials is that they are from real people coming from proven territory of personal experience; the good, the bad and the ugly at times. Similarly, it’s often a fascinating, encouraging thing to discover you are not alone in your struggles in this life and many of us have experienced many similarities. Thus, we can find commonality in our humanness as we by grace, search to understand our purpose as we learn, grow, heal and transform into the New Creations Jesus makes us. Please take a look and see for yourself! God is so good and cares for each and every one of us!

Each month I will highlight a personal testimony. I am so grateful and blessed to know each one of them personally… God is so good!

Enjoy and be encouraged knowing you are never alone.

Simply click on the name/date links to read their stories.

Carla Testimony_April 2014Carla Family





Amanda_2 testimonyAmanda Testimony_May2014







Tawny_Testimony PageTawny_Testimony_July2014





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