Slavery Still Exists. Help!


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Human SLAVERY exists sadly according to the results & statistics below. Because many have chosen to pursue the lust of the flesh you have an industry like this among many other travesties of our day. Greed/money is a major underlining factor as well. It has become a ‘god’ to many and lust for more than what our Good Lord intended for us as humans. This unrelenting sinful chosen behavior of giving into greed and lust/sexual or other, has turned men’s hearts wicked to the core and has devastatingly turned into one of the highest most profitable organized crimes our world has ever known. Even more than drugs & weapons combined! Also, with the access to internet it is more readily accessible as well and because there is “money to be made,” they are allowed to be shown. Similarly, if you click on any pornography you are contributing to human trafficking! I could go on but I’ll let the rest of the information speak for itself.  

Bottom line…… please help in some way.

The following sources were chosen based upon the real-life evidence/sources, statistics, support-programs that are truly helping in some way or another or at the very least, bringing awareness. Helping the victims escape, re-build their lives etc is much needed as you can imagine. Though, there are many programs and wonderful organizations out there assisting in bringing justice for many of which we need to continue to fund–we sadly cannot save them all or even support all of them. Be mindful that this industry is a deadly serious, organized crime to be reckoned with unfortunately so and is on the rise as we speak. Although, we can do something and that is the point of our lives! Our God is a big God and He can move mountains but WE are called to be His hands and feet and collective voice particularly for those who are in chains and weak!

PERSONAL REFLECTION & PRAYER…….. Are we our brother’s keeper? ((See: Prov.31:8, Isaiah 58:6-12)) 

All people matter and were created equal with value, worth and purpose to be free from tyranny of evil rulers. God made it so in the beginning! Sin has corrupted that perfect union. Jesus is the ONLY way back. Therefore, isn’t it our commission to ultimately, obey the Lord’s commands out of love for Him and personal willingness to serve in one way or another? Of course. Bearing one another’s burden(s) and even be willing to die for our brothers and sisters? You are my neighbor, and I am yours, they are ours! We need each other in some ways. Just because we haven’t met these precious people enslaved by this wicked industry, doesn’t mean it isn’t occurring or that we should ignore or remain apathetic to it’s dark reality. We cannot hide our faces in the sand as they say. In contrast, some people just want to talk about peace/love and psedo-happy joy joy things and that is all well and fine, but, we are not called to be simpletons, ignorant or foolish about reality. Life is more than this! It is real, raw, ugly and a struggle & beautiful at the same time for all of us in many different ways. I realize there are so many many causes out there today to support, get involved in and rightly so…. but the idea of traitors of humanity carting around PEOPLE in trucks, boats etc. for hours on end, blindfolding them or whatever against their will to places unknown, raped repeatedly and with objects too, often times starved basically hijacked from every-day life, hidden away somewhere to be someone’s kick-toy and worse, unspeakable sexual acts with inhumane predators in unsanitary conditions and basically thrown out with the trash thus, enslaving/torturing/murdering humanity (similar to abortion techniques) seems to top the charts wouldn’t you agree? Must I go on?

Humans are the ONLY creation created in the image of our Great Savior, Jesus Christ. Our bodies were not made to be abused and tortured, they are holy temples where God’s holy spirit is supposed to reside! Likewise, the creation of the act of sex was designed specifically for the marriage bed between man and woman and for the beautiful continuance of LIFE. To also be honored among all.

My goodness…. sinners have really botched that one!

What about the CHILDREN being abused/tortured/neglected because men and women cannot control their sexual or other greedy appetites or whatever else, yes, it’s as plain as that! How revolting and inexcusable, unthinkable, I know! Is money/temporary fixes really worth killing someone’s soul?

Although, we must also be reminded that through the Cross of Christ we have redemption from our sins and of God’s amazing grace, even the worst, most wicked of souls can be delivered of that sin and set free!

How Long will we be indifferent? Apathetic?



1. That men in particular would learn to know & love Christ at an earlier age, get saved and truly turn from sin, fearing God will all their heart.

2. That women would love & pray for the protection of their children and never succumb to selling out their own flesh and blood for temporary fixes/pleasures.

3. That men would begin bravely fighting for justice for women and children and take their rightful place under God as defenders of the weak!

4. That all would humble themselves and come to Christ.

5. That families would be healed, divorces would cease, no more run-away children, no more abusive parents and that families would learn to love & fight FOR their families unity and not against it!

6. For God to keep using His ambassadors to be the voice, hands and feet for the weak, enslaved and voiceless. Sending angels to assist. Open doors of opportunity for escape! Raising up righteous young generations to be self-controlled especially in the area of sexual purity.

7. That people involved either directly or indirectly would begin to see their sin for what it is and stop following the crowd or culture and begin to renew their minds in Christ to look out for others best interests ahead of their own.

8. We need to pray for both the victims and the rapists/abusers/handlers to quickly realize their error, humble themselves and turn themselves in or at the very least set the victims free somehow. I still have hope for the victims! We need to be that for them. Imagine your child?? Need I say more….

9. That laws be passed to protect prostitutes and those trying to escape its tight grip!

10. That corrupt law enforcement would fear God and repent. That they’d be brought to justice swiftly for any involvement & do their job and not be participants in this evil ugly industry!

11. With any case of abuse; child, domestic and trafficking….. Let it break you, disturb you. Look how far humanity has fallen. But with the hope of Christ, and delivered people, there is STILL VICTORY!

12. That porn addicts would stop contributing to this industry and recognize their error through confession, repent and RUN from it with God’s help!

13. That churches would repent of any apathy and organize to get back to the kind of servanthood as described in the book of Acts and throughout scripture; willingness to go the extra-mile, UNcompromising, faithful, and obedient to God. Never intimidated by mere men.

a heart change is desperately needed in all of us.

and whatever else the Lord prompts you to intercede for of course; weep for your own soul and for our neighbor / innocent children too………………………. let us not remain apathetic to any horrors going on around us any longer. Until we get to heaven when everything will be set holy & perfect again with no more pain, we will be accountable for what we did with the Gospel truth and for our neighbor. Therefore, it is an obligation to be the light in the ever-growing darkness on earth while there’s still breath in our lungs.




Please prayerfully consider helping in some way. I trust the Lord’s Holy Spirit will lead you in the direction you should go to help. It begins in our homes with our family. Yes, prayer is a big part of that help too! Be informed. It’s the only way for revolutionary change and rescue!


The FBI:

Polaris Project:

Bureau of Justice

U.N. Global Statistics: 

HT Movie Project:

Trafficking Statistics/ Reports:

Informative Site! Call + Response:

Another amazing organization:Please join SEVENLY.ORG in the fight for freedom, donate or fundraise now! Click on the photo below for more information. Thank you friends and May God bless our efforts.


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