Jesus’ Heart For Women

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Are you despairing? Are you feeling defeated? Have you been abused, broken, torn down or facing an illness?

Dearest woman, created in the image of God I have the most life transforming news for you because Jesus made it possible!


He Knows You, He Offers You a Changed Life, He Satisfies Spiritual Hunger, He feels Your Grief, He Will Rescue You, He Is Trustworthy, He Offers You Restoration, He Can Heal Body and Spirit, He Offers You Mercy, He Values You, He Understands You!

The film, “Magdalena: Through Her Eyes,” is the true story of Jesus seen through the eyes of Mary Magdalene – a story of tenderness, freedom and purpose.

We can have it too!

“Magdalena” reveals what can happen when women refuse to live in defeat and choose to discover their real value. Follow the link for the amazing, edifying and encouraging videos that are sure to bless your heart and life: 

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