How To Know Truth

We are bombarded by many ideas / theories of what truth may be,  look like or act like – differing worldviews / belief systems, other world religions, and with the build up of so many opinions ‘out there’ and even what we’ve been brought up to believe from our own families belief system – it all can truly frustrate us no doubt about that! Sometimes, we end up making up our own theory for our lives and our children’s that appeals to our flesh desires / what we WANT to be true so that it doesn’t disrupt our lives; we want to live how we want to live without judgement, without consequences, without fear of having to ‘answer’ to anyone.

Although, it is my earnest hope and prayer that perhaps because of your insatiable thirst for truth, peace and seeing the corruption of sinful man and religious hypocrites prompt you to seek the truth further…  In fact, I hope that because you are reading this page at all and the following video series / links below – you would not jump to conclusions without first having explored this entire study for yourself.

We are in a battle of the mind, see: (Ephesians 6:12). Having anger toward, confusing ideals passed on from generation to generation happens… and having mixed emotions can cause us to become unstable, hateful toward others or hopeless at times that we give up on a belief system altogether; but because you and I are so precious to our Creator (I trust you will discover this) which is why finding the truth is so critical to our very existence! I understand those mixed feelings well.

I am truly excited to share this with you nonetheless!!

GOD exists three in One whether you or I want to try to disprove Him away, we honestly cannot. Creation alone proves intelligent design. He has always existed before we came to be.  Thus, Christ in His patience and goodness, awaits our response (free will) not to force or coerce, but to woo us back into right relationship with our Creator. Sin has tarnished us and the world we live in, not GOD. He created Eden for us, but human pride tarnished that relationship. Christ made the way back!

Thus, His loving truth sets us free. I cannot wait for you to discover this!!! In this knowledge, may you be led to open up the Bible/God’s Word/Love Letter to humanity; the place where God actually speaks to us; our heart, mind, body and soul to know Him for yourself dear friend.

Below, I’ve included a wonderful ‘apologetics video training course’ for those who appreciate history, science, facts, and all the sources that make the world go around! But don’t stop there… all the education in the world won’t satisfy your longing soul, only Jesus can fill that gap!   Thus, in discovering truth (this is simply another tool to provide evidence to review), I believe that you will have a more solid foundation to stand upon, one you can truly put your faith and trust in and share with your children/next generation as you begin to witness / share what you have learned as our eternal fate truly rests on this important discovery and receipt of His gift of grace; and dearest neighbors, whom I love;

The Truth can absolutely be found but you have to want it!

The link provided first talks about “Introduction, Truth, and World Religions”

Luke 11:9

And I tell you, ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.

‘Truth Made Easy’ Training Course: Enjoy your exploration….

Truth Made Easy

Another fantastic site for digging a little deeper, philosophically – answering those daunting questions you may have about life, other beliefs etc:

Scientific Facts in the Bible, One hundred reasons to believe in supernatural origin!

and finally, The Truth Project!

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