Salvation – The Gift of God!


Jesus, The Lamb of God in all His Holiness and Glory, Sovereign over the entire universe wants a personal relationship with you and I! Think about that for a moment….

Our lives on earth are but a mist…. here for only a little while (James 4:14) and we will all spend eternity somewhere forever and this reality may suddenly be upon us (1 Thess. 4:13-14)Therefore, Today is the day of Salvation. Come thirsty because God sees us as a precious treasure (Exodus 19:5) and has plans of hope for each one of us (Jer.29:11). He wants to spend time with us, a spiritually intimate friendship. He longs for His creation to communicate with Him daily, enjoying fellowship with Him, to trust and follow Him and to give our lives meaning and purpose by giving us the privilege of joining Him in His work.

Please enjoy these wonderful, crazy love-filled videos and provoking messages going deeper into knowing God & His amazing love for us HERE!

It is however, vital going forward into building this loving relationship that we first examine ourselves to see whether we are in the faith (2 Cor. 13:5) because our sin has separated us from the Lord (Romans 3:23). The Goodness of God leads us to Repentance (Romans 2:42) and is important to understand why one’s heart must be willing to change in the process of cultivating relationship with Christ ultimately, becoming an obedient son or daughter and disciple of His. We cannot save ourselves. Thus, not by our (moral) works, lest anyone boast… but by faith alone, in Christ alone, He is our holiness. His supernatural Spirit in us at Salvation will then make us zealous for good works, clothed in His righteousness and living outward expression of our devotion to Him and His will for our lives. Jesus is our Redeemer. Come as you are…. but don’t expect to stay that way!

To go a little deeper…

The Good News is the Gospel! By God’s sweet grace and because of His everlasting love for all of His creation, God provided a way back into right relationship with Him and redeems us through sending His Son, Jesus Christ who died in our place as loving sacrifice once and for all of humanity on The Cross and after three days as God had promised, the living proof that Jesus Christ truly was and is The Son of God through His divine Resurrection!

3 ways to live……


I am in love and I hope and pray you are too! 


Be encouraged in your journey and take your relationship another step further with the following valuable online resources taking you step by step answering life’s most frequently asked questions:

As your relationship with Jesus matures, God’s Holy Spirit will draw you into His written Word more and more because your love for the Lord will grow rapidly–the most amazing love story personally written for you! Parents can make it a family night of prayer and reading time together too!

Open your personal Holy Bible; if you don’t have one, I’d suggest getting one because there really is nothing like holding His precious Holy Word in your hands–consider all those books and novels on your book shelf already, nothing compares to this one! I’d recommend the following versions: KJV, NKJ, NIV, and ESV, AMP study / devotional bibles.

Please use this excellent bible translation comparison chart for closest ‘word for word’ scriptures as we don’t want to lose the original intent of the verse – interpretation matters: Please Visit:

As we run the race set before us… there will also be mockers in the last days saying where is His coming, return?

Don’t be discouraged or deceived, He takes no pleasure in the perishing of souls… He is long suffering over us so that all would come to Christ and be saved! Though, we see increasing falling away, rejection of God’s Word, corruption, greed, deception, increasing immorality, violence, hatred, etc.  Our days are fleeting fast. Please don’t harden your hearts if you hear Him today through these words or through your life circumstances, read His Word, He seeks your response (Believe by faith), we must agree with God, He is the author of Salvation.

Confess, Repent and Be forgiven. Jesus Is Returning as He promised!

Live daily prepared in heart, to meet the Lord either way – we never know when it’s our last day on earth but eternity is forever, there is no chance after that. Do you know what Christ has done for you friend?

Respond by faith… today! The new life that awaits is worth it. He promised to never forsake us.

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