Portrait of a Godly Woman

The example of the proverbs 31 woman appears to become a daunting task for many of us as women living in the 21st Century. Our lives often look quite different from those of the past. Some of us haven’t had godly examples in our lives until later in life if at all and some of us just don’t like the idea of embracing family-life, homemaking or as many of us more recently experience the burden of finances and working outside the home often times keep us from truly living out this kind of biblical womanhood or does it? Today’s woman is encouraged even persuaded on an emotional level to work outside the home, live selfishly & lavishly, attend college before ever settling down and building a family, if at all. Some of that sounds like my past and I can testify to the meaningless toil that often takes place when God is left out of it. I can already hear the protests but please hear me out first. While there is nothing wrong with education and working, the snare happens when self interests become an idol and the foundation or fabric of society weakens when foundational or the traditional family unit is broken so much so that she ends up sacrificing and/or giving up what the Lord wants for her life therefore becomes self-driven for self-interest. Another snare happens when women simply don’t believe in God’s best for their lives, they may belittle men also. She believes only in herself for provision in life. Given, everyone’s story or testimony is different and there are special circumstances for some of us but the end result is the same and we will all give an account to the Lord for what we’ve done with our worship, talents/spiritual gifts, skills, love etc. The beauty of it all is that as long as we’re breathing, we can call on God to show us the way we should go. Likewise, as we read throughout scripture we find that the Lord desires us to die to self, becoming more dependent upon Christ in fact which also makes us more like Him, fully trusting which may often include sharing in His sufferings, humble tasks in servitude & meekness ultimately (Psalm 25:8) trusting Him above all the voices of our society which is out to only seduce you & I keeping us fixated on ourselves. Which also brings me to the following information. The above mentioned portrait of the Proverbs 31 example to us as women is primarily our highest call and ultimately honors God which should be our first priority as The Lord Most High uniquely and lovingly designed each of us for such a time as this! Likewise, with God all becomes possible (Matt. 19:26) never forget that! Let’s explore together and spur one another on toward love and good deeds in biblical femininity especially. Finally, let us pray through the following virtues and messages to encourage one another along the way. See also: (Titus 2:3-5)

The Virtuous Woman described in Proverbs 31 highlights the following praiseworthy traits:


• is of noble character

• is fully trustworthy

• is an asset to her husband

• is domestically skilled

• is concerned that her household be well and nutritiously fed

• is diligent, arising before dawn and busy until after dark

• is endowed with a good business sense, even to the point of buying a field and planting a vineyard

• may have her own profitable home-based business

• is a hard worker

• is generous to and aware of the poor and needy

• is wise in preparing her household for the needs of the days to come

• is wise in ensuring that she and her family are well and appropriately clothed

• is in proper relationship to her husband, who is out conducting his business affairs at the city gates

• is a woman of wisdom

• shows dignity and strength

• is a faithful instructor to her children

• is diligent to watch over her household

• is the recipient of blessing and praise from her children and her husband

• is above all a God-fearing, godly woman!

~ Now let us take a look at the contrasts between Godly women & Worldly women. After all, this is the ultimate purpose of the Holy Scriptures to reveal to us God’s wisdom, exposing the light in the darkness to bring right relationship with man and woman as Jesus came to set free, transform, redeem, remake us into His righteousness, holiness, purifying us from the inside out making us whole in Christ! Though the following information is controversial to some and honestly may be very painful to the ego, however, as I am learning from God’s loving hand of discipline & grace, I firmly believe it’s important to note where the values are coming from in each of them.  

The Difference Between
A Godly Woman & A Worldly Woman

The Bible in no way neglects the importance and influence of women and the invaluable contributions they have made. Yet, the Bible portrays a distinct difference between the godly woman and the worldly woman. In particular, godly women have played an essential role in shaping the fabric of society. While the worldly woman is often a tool used by Satan to undermine the wholesomeness of society.

There is a distinct difference between the two. Note in particular Proverbs 7.1. Their Intentions Are Different. (Prov. 7:9,12). While one is void of moral purity, the other is guarded and does not put herself in a position of compromise.2. Their Imagination Is Different (Prov. 7:10). One is absorbed with her sexuality and need for significance for her own benefit. The godly woman guards her sexuality with clothing that does not draw lustful attention and knows the value of her significance in Christ Jesus.

Do You See The Difference?

3. Their Inclinations Are Different (Prov. 7:14), One pretends to be godly… the other contends for godliness.4. Their Inspiration Is Different (Prov. 7:18). One is inspired by worldly values, while the other is inspired by spiritual values. (1 John 5:3)
5. Their Interest Is Different (Prov. 7:12-21). One is interested only in the immediate. The other is interested in the eternal. (Heb. 11:24-26).
6. Their Investments Are Different – (Prov. 7:16,7) One invest in self satisfaction, while the other invest in God’s glory (1 Cor. 10:31)

A godly woman above all else, values her submission to the indwelling Holy Spirit. She understands that obedience does not mean enduring God’s command… rather, she enjoys obeying God’s will from the heart and is not ashamed of doing so. (Ephesians 6:6)

Credit to: Arthur Belanger of College of The Open Bible 

Heavenly Father… I give thanks to You for loving us unconditionally and having mercy on us as women, wives and mothers. What a blessing it is to serve, honor and obey you! Thank You for Jesus’ example and for illuminating Your truth into our lives as women showing us that true biblical femininity is possible and is what You have clearly required of us to bring You all the glory. May any hardened hearts be made flesh and softened in humility by this word today and by the The Holy Spirit’s power give us courage to fully embrace this understanding and seek Your wisdom above our own. May Jesus be magnified and blessed as we live these virtues out, bringing honor to You Lord, to our families and to our neighbors in all we say and do from this moment forward. Remake us Lord. Renew hearts and minds. Amen.

While the primary focus of this blog page is to encourage and support the Christian view of femininity/planned purity and draw us closer to The Forgiving God Jesus Christ who is transforming us into the women of His glory… The Holy Scriptures also reveal to us another side of ourselves that must be dealt with carefully examined, confessed, and repented of to be made whole in Christ. Likewise, without this kind of examination of ourselves, we rebel, lead generations astray and could ultimately destroy the plan and work of God in our own lives and toward the healing of souls in our sphere of influence.

As you read & reflect on the following information about extreme feminism please keep in mind I am in no way suggesting that we as women stand idly by while women are abused, oppressed or neglected. To the contrary (Isaiah 1:17)! We simply need to redirect our anger and passions, pursuing peace, giving everything over to The Lord first, allowing Him to deal with our hearts about matters passionate to us, our hurts & hang-ups literally trusting God before we get on our soap box. We must also learn to tame the tongue (still working on that one too ;). Another motto to embrace…. based from scripture (John 3:30) “I/self must decrease so God can increase. Only then can we grasp the importance of virtuous living in purity.

*Disclaimer: “I do not condone silencing women and I am very much for equality in the sense that we’ve already been set free, liberty through Christ (Galatians 5:1); male & female (Gen. 5:2): man, woman and child! Hence, this wonderful blog opportunity too! Freedom is a beautiful thing. But we’re also called to be teachable, learn, trust & protect what God desires of us, keep His laws (not just head knowledge but from the heart too), love Him above everything else in this world. Sure, we were given free-will by God Himself and of course our choices are our own, it is merely time to get honest with ourselves, find out what purity and holiness is and live it out from a grateful heart which hopefully brings us to confession, humility and repentance before our Holy Living God, Jesus… the greatest good for our lives here on earth and more importantly for our eternal destination.” ~Nichole   

Take a look at the following links below for further understanding the contrasting radically negative influences on women too: 

The DANGER with Feminism: 

She’s frequently mad & loud about something, grumbler or complainer. Utterly self-motivated rather than God motivated.


From the mouths of the feminists themselves: Good intentions….

Remember (2Tim 3:5) “Having a form of godliness but denying its power, have nothing to do with them”


Are you easily offended?


A thorough education/examination and biblical review on the beliefs, motives and deception behind the feministic movement:



Jesus teaches us to be more like Him so let Him calm the storm within…. and meditate on: 1 Peter 3:4

“Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.”

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4 thoughts on “Portrait of a Godly Woman

  1. Thank you for reminding me what a godly woman looks like. I have such a hard time fighting my stubborn nature and often disrespect my husband by being rebellious and non-submissive. I’m praying for humility to follow the plans of Jesus in being a Godly wife.

    • Hey Mandy!

      Appreciate the note. How cool of you to stop by my blog. That particular post/page I created a while ago has been difficult to write and apply in my own life as I went through some tough times myself breaking away from “childish things” sins that creep in from time to time. There are so many great and available sources for us as women to explore and so I did. As we learn what it means, looks like, behaves like becoming a submissive wife and obedient woman of God. Thankfully, with God’s holy spirit alive and well within us, we don’t have to do this alone. No perfection here, and non needed. Jesus satisfies that. I’m grateful for all He’s showing me in the journey, even when its tough to hear or apply. But so glad to share it with those who stumble upon it.

      Likewise, I’d love to check out your blog too, connect and share in the journey. God bless you online sister in Christ and be encouraged!

  2. Very AWESOME . . . we could “all” use and APPLY these Biblical references!!!! Certainly with all the evils that are constantly being thrown in todays society, it’s like a double edged sword!!!

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