Meet Nichole

Hi there! I’m so glad you’re here!

My name is Nichole and I am overjoyed to tell you that Jesus came to my rescue and delivered me from my sin and shame from years of resisting His plan and going my own way. My testimony is messy, but this did not surprise God. (Romans 5:8).  I needed His forgiveness, and He delivered in full! 

I am rem599636_554148127978972_2037590235_n-2arried to my husband of 11 years now and I am learning what it means to be holy & sanctified in Christ as a wife by the power of the Holy Spirit and trusting what the Bible says about this divine role as woman has brought more humility, peace and prayer in my new marriage relationship through the years (though, not easy – but worth it!) God restores us!





The Lord has also chosen me to mother step – children as well as give birth to my own sweet & adventurous young men who have softened my heart and deepened my understanding of patience, mercy, unconditional love and sacrifice. They bless me!

My cup overflows…

The mission for ‘Planned Purity’ began to blossom in my heart early in 2012, as the Lord healed my brokenness and gave me new life and new desires; sharing them with you now through this blog experience has humbled me, giving me new forms of expression and brought about many connections I would not have otherwise had.

The most humbling discovery is the reality of the road of The Cross as His child now. It is truly counter-culture and persecution does happen in some ways and has made me more dependent upon the Lord. For instance, activities and behavior I used to indulge in, actually are revolting to me now or times when I speak out for or against something when discernment strikes, the Holy Spirit has given me boldness to not compromise when temptation assails me. Truly, it is only by the blood and power of Jesus Christ this is all possible! This kind of thing happens when Christ rocks your world; before the blind see (Amazing Grace).

What fellowship does light have with darkness? It’s a narrow road no doubt (Matt. 7:14). At the same time, filled with tremendous blessings of comfort, boldness, JOY and inward peace!

A few of my favorite things; social media (keeping up with long-distant family & evangelizing too), bowling king, laughing, writing, classical music, baking, chamomile tea, devouring my husband’s delicious cooking (when he’s in the cooking spirit), chocolate, watching competitive cooking shows, learning from real-life stories / documentaries, volunteering, reading my Bible, women’s ministry groups, public speaking (coming out of my comfort zone here!), playtime and prayer with my children, Spring, blasting praise and worship music, singing, dancing, meeting new neighbors and I discovered a new and super fun hobby, organic soap making!

I also enjoy hearing others testimonies too and seeing all the great things God works out in their lives (see links above in header section of blog ‘testimonies’). Indeed, we each have a story to tell to bring God all the glory; so what about you?

WE ALL NEED ENCOURAGEMENT ON THE JOURNEY OF LIFE! But biblical truths are hard… because the light exposes our pride, our sin, our weakness that easily entangles us and we often resist going all the way in with God – giving up our will for His. Although, He is so good, so merciful and wants to GIVE and bless our hearts to heal us while we’re on this crazy earth!

Opinions aside, let’s seek truth together. Perhaps you are just beginning your journey with the Lord, seeking answers about faith and the Gospel or maybe you have walked away from God, or never truly knew Him? Maybe you have doubts because of pain and brokenness in your past or you are in a painful situation right at this moment. I want to encourage your heart today to explore the pages of this blog as you are led; test and examine seeking the Lord for confirmation and I want to let you know that Jesus sees you, cares for you and hears our individual heart cry. He promises to comfort, redeem and provide as we trust Him along our lives and yield to His call (Romans 10:9).

Christ is the LORD of ALL CREATION and a rescuer — He rescued me from some serious sinful living…. now, there is no turning back! I am in love and zealous for kingdom building by sharing the healing and deliverance only Christ offers and this compels me to share what He has done to pursue our hearts! He desires to meet us where we are at; questions, anger, doubts, fears, wayward – bring them all to the foot of the cross and rend your heart because the Holy Spirit never leaves us that way! The only way to eternal LIFE is Jesus, He is God and we must be born again in Him. 

Finally, I would encourage you to keep seeking His kingdom first through Bible reading – and finding a Bible believing church / Pastor and explore other testimonies through new friendships along life’s journey too.

ALL things can be made new! (2 Cor. 5:17)

Feel free to email me any prayer requests or share your comments with me at or on any of my posts on this blog – I look forward to hearing from you! May the Lord bless you and keep you and your families, in Jesus name.

5 thoughts on “Meet Nichole

  1. So happy you are blogging again, love reading your thought provoking post. You are God’s girl. May God Bless you. Much Love, Mom and Dad ; )


  2. Please contact me, I’m searching for a worship dance program in the Collegeville area and I’m hoping you could help. thanks!


    • Hi Meagan,
      Nice of you to stop by my blog and say hello! Do you happen to have a website, fb or blog? For privacy/confidentiality purposes before I agree or share other information about myself, I’d like to connect first to see if who I am chatting with is really who they say they are. Thank you for understanding. Feel free to also email me at: or message me again on here if need be.

      What is your interest concerning the ministry of dance? Are you needing an Instructor, or just a dance minister on occasion or something else?

      Thanks and hoping to connect again soon!
      God bless.


    • Appreciate the note and glad to share testimonies. Good to learn from one another on the journey…. God bless!


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