Never Forsaken

LIFE: It’s a beautiful gift, utterly vulnerable and dependent on the hand of GOD all at once. I believe Forrest Gump coined the following phrase best and as cheesy as it may be, I do find it to be true – “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” Forrest Gump.

Life… Circumstances… Finances… Marriage… Jobs… Parenting.. Unexpected Loss…

We have our plans, our itineraries, our purposes all drawn up but GOD who is all knowing, sovereign, in His goodness towards us still allows things to occur in our lives that we often don’t expect or even recognize as blessings until afterwards because those unexpected things can be extremely uncomfortable, taking us far out of our comfort zones more often than not. This has been a theme for our family for a while perhaps you too.

Oh! the expectations we have. Yet, together, by faith and relentless prayer, my husband and I, and our wonderfully resilient sons have endured many transitions in life where we were literally moved from one place to another and just not understanding what GOD was doing in our lives.

I don’t like feeling unstable. Yet, we never fell out of GOD’s faithful hand.

Roller coaster finances bringing marital strain and even depression at times, unsteady relationships because of frequent transitions, letting worry consume, fears… All of it forces you to let go and surrender to God’s will or take matters into your own hands and wallow in it which I’m guilty of. It’s life lessons… teaching me over and over again who’s actually in charge. Our testimony though on the surface appearing truly unstable and not perfect by any means still shows The Almighty GOD who being completely in control, never let us go under and has given us stronger faith. Of course, circumstances could certainly be much worse and for each of us they are unique.

We still get weary…. the pressures of providing and serving others, demands of responsibilities can get extremely heavy, sometimes too much to bare.

I do believe that may be the point of our trials on earth. Recognizing just how completely and utterly helpless (though, we try to tough it out in our pride – everything is under God’s design and plan) we are without the Lord’s grace and redemption. To bring us back in right relationship with our Creator and humbling us, so Christ can move in our hearts and we can truly be His through and through. This earth, it’s foundations are fleeting and especially man-made things. I also think of Job’s story in the Bible, need I say more?  He’s making sure our hearts beat at this very moment, Jesus is worthy to be worshipped with everything we’ve got! I’m truly humbled at the thoughts I’ve entertained through the years and His forgiveness and mercy.

He’s alive in us or we’ve rejected Him and He lets us go our own way. We allow this. When life proves unstable, Our Creator is not! Yes, Jesus is GOOD to us, good to sinners and doesn’t want to see us despair or turn against Him any longer when these things, idols begin to crumble in our lives…. it takes courage and faith to truly follow Christ, carrying our cross let me tell you! It’s why He went to the death for us… love held Him there.

To reclaim all that’s been lost!

Indeed, Jesus is all or nothing in our lives and that is what He requires. Lukewarmness will not do.

Here’s another lesson…


Well then, GOD has spoken!

While we get the most amazing gift ever, Salvation! Jesus! He never promised smooth sailing on this earth and don’t you know it… we still whine, moan, resist, yell, fight, rebel forgetting this very truth. Oh, if we could always remember His faithfulness in those times how much more pity and hard times we’d save ourselves.

Although, there are still consequences for sin, poor decisions, and uncertain things that happen to us and His heart breaks with ours, things we cannot fathom and we don’t like to talk about or even think about. We can try to do things our own way, trusting ourselves with everything or we can trust GOD who holds our very lives in His. We simply can’t fight Him forever though we try. He proves this over and over, not despite us but because He’s for us!

Perspective. Humility has taught me.

His will prevails and it’s a much much better thing!

We’ve toiled, wrestled along the way… But that’s because our pride is our worst enemy. It’s our hearts and whole lives He’s after. Then comes the Joy! The mess of life has surely brought us much closer to Jesus and in the restoration process, it’s gratitude that keeps me singing…keeps us enduring.

this is where the LORD does His miraculous work in and through us and frankly because He’s GOD and we are not.

Ask… Seek…. Knock… and it will be opened.

Ok, Lord.. You said so. But the wait is so long…. long…. long…

At the eleventh hour … again? God’s ways are not our ways.

He’s still a mystery and that’s OK with me, because He knows what’s best. It’s embarrassing to admit that my faith has been very weak especially when life throws its punches hard and frequent.



Bunch of baby whiners. I admit. Why do I keep forgetting Jesus is right there with me, my family, world events, plans, His promises to deliver ?? This is why… Because He never promised smooth sailing.. but I REALLY like smooth sailing Lord.

How much more must He show me…

Indeed, we each handle life transitions very differently no doubt about that. I’m sure of this, there will be more times of uncertainty while we are in this spiritual battle on earth until Jesus says enough, Returns or brings us to our heavenly home.

Contentment. Mustard Seed Faith. and Hope sustains!

To this, I want to also honor my husband Tony today because as leader of our home, he has been such a Champion in the face of difficulty, uncertainty, shaky faith, supporting / providing for a family of five, carrying burdens for so long and the weight he has carried inwardly, I cannot imagine fully.


Though, as I’ve journeyed life with you dear husband thus far, I’ve seen first hand what faith can do in each of us! and also what it endures. This will be an amazing legacy!

Faith takes pot shots. Faith takes on jobs we loathe because we gotta do what we gotta do. Faith pays with pennies because God still

provides. Faith takes negatives and develops the positives. Faith takes the hit and grows in grace. Faith takes on enemies and believes the impossible.

We may have lost our minds/attitudes sometimes, our dreams/plans, some material possessions, jobs, money, homes, cars etc….. they are all fleeting anyway, we can’t cling to things. The LORD gives and takes away. Never once has Jesus left us, though it has felt that way sometimes. He’s still at work behind the scenes of our lives. Fully engaged in all things. He’s restored. We’ve gained much more than we could ever ask for just being carried by Your loving kindness toward us especially when times have gotten dark around us and inside us.

Grace carried us. Grace provides.

The following song speaks my love language of my heart strings after all we’ve been through.

Till next time…. we’ll remember. we are not forsaken.







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