Invasion of Immorality

imagesGone are the boundaries surrounding sex and marriage. We humans are such rebels. Nothing new under the sun apparently. It’s tragic really and actually grieves the One who died for such sins we commit. I think it’s high time we start caring about our role in the immoral decay. If God cares, we should too! Mostly because the Bible is the authoritative word of God Himself. Many don’t like the idea of answering to anyone for what they do, but by the Lord’s sweet grace and mercy, He gives us time to repent and follow after Him – He is The judge after all. Our time is fleeting fast.

This opens up the following about the massive invasion of immorality covering our land, homes, and relationships.

Those precious virtues of purity, faithfulness, self-control, goodness, gentleness, holiness are often met with lukewarm attitudes, disdain and resistance, mocked at, trash talked about etc. – it’s downright cold. God’s perfect law for His creation is being rampantly tampered with (though it’s still solid as a rock and relevant) as we see a carefully manipulated media tactic to confound young minds through this form of mind conditioning. When you see something over and over again, it will eventually become the norm they say. The dirty deed is now complete which is why I’m compelled to share the truth; light overpowers darkness because of Jesus Christ who came to set the captives free. Many are still captive….  

I posted a video that revealed how media/entertainment has largely been a catalyst for conditioning the masses to embrace as normal and no big deal this audacious wicked attitude of “do what thou wilt” of supposed sexual freedom as we see being promoted in abundance; adultery, same-sex relationships, reality-tv shows basically promoting fornication etc. The list is long and includes more pornographic behaviors too. The sinister rebellious work is flourishing unfortunately so but the Lord Jesus has the say and final say in all things thankfully! It’s time to stop running and starting pursuing Christ with all our heart, mind, body and soul.

Disappointingly, the video I previously shared that proved the media’s influence in these immoral behaviors – has been terminated. No matter, the links above are evidence of the problem. Thus, I stated a while ago about the subtle forms of persecution that occurs when Christians speak up about truth and expose the lies etc. Keep fighting the good fight because “feeling” has become truth to many. This simply cannot be trusted. The Gospel shines the light on the deceptions around us no doubt – indeed, the only effective solution!

Likewise, God in His faithfulness has never changed – in fact, in His love gives us time to repent (which is now!) of our wicked ways and turn toward Him so He can heal and deliver us from sin’s shame – (Numbers 23:19; Mal. 3:6; James 1:17 etc.).  His law is perfect and good!

Can I encourage you to listen to this amazing testimony as she lovingly, clearly reveals the power of the Gospel to transform a person – yes, freedom from sin and homosexual desires. The wisdom expressed and life change cannot be denied! Rejoice with her….

In Christ’s love for us, He also shares warnings about engaging in high risk, ungodly, sexual activity: Reality Check About Engaging in Homosexual Activity

I try not to sugar-coat words because that just perpetuates the problem of sin and does not promote healing. Confrontation was needed in my life of sin, so that I could be set free and it still rings true for all of us. It’s the power of the Cross!  Therefore, either we believe all of scripture, or we are literally dancing with the devil, one foot in the world, the other being a “fan of Christ” so to speak. There are numerous warnings against homosexual acts/behavior are addressed in the OT and the NT that cannot be denied or distorted to suit our own worldview, what God has said, is perfect, without flaw: along with all other types of sexual activity outside of what God declares holy and pure sexual relations in marriage as seen in Genesis 3. These protective boundaries are for our ultimate good and benefit. See also:

Immorality (all of them: lust/pornography, sexual fetishes, adultery, fornication, incest, polygamy, homosexuality/sodomy/lesbianism etc.) –  anything outside of God’s will for marriage. Keep in mind, I’m talking about the choices we make which are behaviors that need to be repented of, deliverance from. Christ overcame our sin, which means all is possible with Christ) thus, this issue needs addressing and is completely relevant for today as we are seeing being promoted as normalcy.

Damaging Health Effects from Sexualization of Women & Children in Media Influences

I will also lovingly include that hearing out the personal testimonies of those (see link below) who have overcome various sexual sins of lust /homosexual temptation / or any sexual activity outside of God’s will, would behoove us if we truly love the Christ and are transformed in Him. Eternity is forever and this kind of love compels me to speak truth. Surely, the narrow gate comes with a cost and so be it.

There’s Freedom in Christ – See Testimonies Below!! God is So Good!

Research concerning Sexuality and the immoral relativist claims about our sexuality via Biblical research:

HOMOSEXUALITY: Up-to-date articles with both a biblical and a scientific perspective

The Agenda on the rise:

Homosexuality/Sodomy; A Biblical Overview:


Transgender / Drag / HIV + / Homosexuality Testimony of Freedom!

The Good Lord in His love, disciplines and warns us about living in and promoting such sins, believing lies, and supporting it. I cannot share this enough, as one who came out of fornication, adultery and a host of other deadly sins – Christ delivered me and gave me new desires! Forgiveness is available… in Christ, we are overcomers!

We are all human and should not be labeling one another based upon sexual behavior. Our identity is human being, sinner in need of a Savior. We are all made in the likeness of God our Creator. Choices / Behavior doesn’t give us a new identity. Behavior can be changed, transformed – identity cannot. This must be clarified. Therefore, all are welcome to come to the cross of Christ – one must be repentant seeing their sin for what it is (this happens during genuine/regenerative Salvation) humbling ourselves before a Holy God. He gives us NEW desires, pure and holy kingdom building desires! Worshipping our Creator and believing what He says is true and for our eternal good. Have you trusted in by faith today? If He is drawing near to you, do not harden your heart, He desires to heal what’s been broken in you. It’s the everlasting story brought to us through the Word of God and mouths of the disciples who gave their lives to share the truth with us today. I would say, that is trustworthy!

This is not about an “us against them” issue or equal rights for that matter, we are already free in America – yet, we cannot re-define what is the truth about Biblical marriage.

 at the core…. it’s really about

obedience to the Lord who created our sexuality between one man and one woman to also be fruitful and multiply. God Himself, created the family unit, He specifically designed our genders to work perfectly together physically, emotionally – either we agree with Him in the end, or we face the repercussions of going our own way.

Jesus can be trusted.  The lusts of our flesh cannot.

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