Guard Your Heart

Why must one guard their heart? and from whom or what exactly?

Let’s discover together from the Holy Scriptures what it means.

PrayerwarriorFINAL-1In Proverbs 4:23 it states the following: “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.”  In studying this verse, a clarification is needed. Guarding your heart does not mean protecting your heart from another person, it means protecting your heart from sin. This also implies that we’re living in a combat zone–one in which there are casualties.

This verse is a command to keep your “wellspring of life” pure from tainted waters. As Jesus says in Matthew 15:19, “For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false testimony and slander.” If the heart is a source of our actions, we must guard it carefully, filling it with God’s love and truth and keeping impure and immoral thoughts from muddying the waters.

These verses about the heart seem to demonstrate the heart as almost an epicenter of spiritual activity. Both the Old and New Testament teach that we are to serve God with our whole heart (Deut. 11:13), walk before God with our heart (1Kings 2:4), and love God with our heart (Matt. 22:37). This makes sense then to say that the heart is the “wellspring of life.” If God gives our heart such spiritual capacity, then it only makes sense to protect it at all costs! If our heart is the well from which our obedience to God flows, then we have to keep it pure.

It’s a call to protect our character in all that we say and ultimately do.

The Heart’s Best Defense!

Spiritual discipline/Self-Control. This may not seem like the most glamorous advice, but it can literally restore your heart, mind, body and strength. When our concern for God becomes clouded or replaced entirely by pursuing, pleasing and protecting our earthly relationships, we’re in danger. If we’re not paying attention, we can easily miss what God is trying to show us about our relationships.

From the moment we wake up to the moment we lay our head down for the evening, we have the grand opportunity to shower God with our love. One way we can do that is through Prayer; Thank God daily for the things He’s so graciously given. Next, expectantly read God’s Word, asking Him to speak. Memorize Scriptures if you’re always on the go. When you are outside, remind yourself of God’s creation and your part in His love story as created in the image of God. Over time, your love will grow as you abide in Him.

One of the best defenses of the heart is to first give it fully to the Lord. According to Mark 12:30, Jesus wants us to be all in!

Another Resource: guard-your-heart.html

Encouragement for you friends!

It’s not an easy road for any of us…. but God’s Chisel… makes us whole in the right places!! Don’t miss this video below:

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