Runaway Bride


Paramount Pictures

Recognize this photo from the 1999 movie? It’s “Runaway Bride” with Julia Roberts.

Admittedly, this was one of my favorite “chick flicks” when it arrived on the scene and it was quite the comedy! One of Hollywood’s “cleaner” love stories no doubt!

About a week or two ago, I watched it again. It’s funny how the Holy Spirit can burden our hearts about something through “foolish things” or those you least expect as it did through this example.

I simply cannot help but notice the spiritual ramifications of a ‘Runaway Bride.’ If anything can be said – just humor me… below, I address a few issues that I believe we can take away from secular influences like this one and hopefully grasp the underlying spiritual content & discernment we might gain from it.

Believers are not only Christ’s Bride, but also God’s ambassadors here on earth. Paul confirms this fact when he says: “Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, God making his appeal through us. We implore you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God” (2 Corinthians 5:20).

Have You Been Seduced Away from Your heavenly Bridegroom? How many things in a given day are literally competing for our attention? Probably tons! Our pride, laziness, vanity, finances, kids, facebook, email, pets, caring for the home, career/jobs, cleaning, fitness, food – even ministries we are a part of and the list goes on and on.

But God is worthy, trustworthy and faithful, ever pursuing our hearts… in fact, God’s Love is jealous! Jesus gave His life so we could be forgiven, set free from sin’s dominion/distraction, to embrace & know Him personally and love Him with our whole being! His plans for us are far greater than our plans and earthly concerns we may have. We are called to trust Him with everything and so much more! So, why do we so easily run?

The story of Hosea and Gomer is an example of how God relentlessly pursues us even in our unfaithfulness. Thus, we need to remember, there are consequences from our running – every choice we make and sometimes grave consequences. Have we been an unfaithful bride? I think that is a reasonable question to ask ourselves as members of Christ’s body and may very well explain why we have the problems we do in our churches, our lives.

Would you, however, note some of the attributes of a Bride-to-be on her wedding day and  seek to be the kind of Bride, Jesus seeks and will return for, as we strive to enter through the narrow gate:

The Bride: She finds a noble groom. She picks a date. She picks “the dress.” She chooses her wedding party. The rings etc…. She and the lucky groom will commit to become (one flesh) and thus, are very aware of ALL the finer details and in expectation of “The BIG day!” ultimately..

Likewise, Christ is asking us to prepare daily and has called us/His Bride/Church/His elect to a wedding feast//the marriage supper of the Lamb… (See Rev.19) with Him! This is a high and glorious calling with great responsibilities!

Jesus has made the way possible… He is the only one who could. The cost of Christianity is great and many have died for this faith and sharing in His sufferings marks us as His too (we become one, adopted and chosen into His righteous family!). Thus, is not for the wishy-washy, luke-warm, double-minded person (the convicting truth is; as many claim the Christian title, yet, do not actually live changed lives – by letting His Word correct, teach, rebuke things out of our life) Therefore, we must be examining our hearts and drawing near to the Lord if we haven’t done that because that is part of the reason why we may so easily run away from our Bridegroom. And the bible says, God knows those who are His. Therefore, we must be all in! Aren’t those truths so humbling?

This is an exclusive invitation friends – THE Groom of all, has chosen us to an eternal relationship to serve, love and honor the LORD, forsaking the lures, seductions of this world. Thus, as we confess Jesus as Lord and our daily need for Christ – He stands ready to forgive us, He will give us a new heart –  we will then be sealed with the Holy Spirit who transforms everything in our lives as we grow by faith in Him. We will be made new, with new desires for kingdom purposes – the old things have passed…

Will you say YES! and become His, perhaps returning as His Joyful Bride anticipating all He has for you in this life and doing His will and anticipating the glorious eternal life to come?

Let’s take a personal inventory today. Everyday is fleeting fast….

Perhaps, you’ve noticed other things luring you away from your bible study, or time alone in prayer. Because of His relentless love for His bride, we can ask God to help us – He understands our struggles in this life – He honestly cares for us!

A marriage, both earthly and as Christ’s church – will expose our hearts and demand our growth. This is what happens when we are presented with the Bible too. Will we choose wisely from this moment on & reject anything that tempts our hearts away from His? Say no to anything that may compromise our time with the Lord or will we remain seduced by the world system, earthly concerns too much – going our own way, participating in things that go against God’s Word, excuse our sin, or manipulate His Word to make it easier to digest or become another Runaway Bride – seeking the pleasures of this life, fleeting things in vain that only leave us chasing vices that are empty?

Indeed, we are all tempted to run.

I earnestly hope you boldly choose Christ as Your Bride-Groom and stay faithful to Him – because our faith, commitment will surely be tested along the way in this life.

Let Jesus love You and remake you into His likeness because God in His goodness, is countitledmmitted to love, guide and protect His bride forever – we can count on that! Have you believed? (John 3:16) We must anticipate our big day and cultivate our relationship with Christ! Until we arrive in our eternal resting place where we finally meet our faithful Bridegroom face to face!

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