The Heart of Violence

ac894057a3e4418cbd3f5dbbab86a9adThough, it’s been a while since I last recorded a video blog or even written something for that matter. My heart has been stirring a bit about a specific subject. After weeks of prayerful bible reading, researching some things in the area of purity, male / female relationships and admittedly, watching way more movies than I should have during the holidays and into this new year winter weather boredom…. something was brought to the surface or perhaps, I’m just paying more attention to this disturbing “trend” I’m noticing and hearing about more often.  What is going on with men & violence and/or sexual violence against women and/or children? Why is it being normalized?

Surely, you have seen or read about “it” in advertising/models/fashion (seriously disturbing stuff if you research it), aggressively sexualized music videos, movies (a woman is always beat up), TV often, commercials, billboards, literature/novels, radical religious groups, cultures with inequality toward women, gender-based abortion, and pop culture magazines like Cosmo showing women scantily dressed or posed in objective ways. Violence and discrimination… particularly against women, the list goes on and on.  Although, any violence against any human being is utterly despicable and needs to be mentioned in this post today that it is never excusable or to be neglected in any way shape or form. I’d like us to take an honest look at the nature behind it, getting to the crux of this matter from first pointing out the secular evidence through the following video and as always, advocate from a biblical worldview as best as I can for at most to bring awareness / empathy to this major problem that is NOT OK and prayerful resolution toward purity because our lives are either about the Gospel, honoring the Lord and those made in His image as obedient loving children or we are liars, whiners, excusers, rebellious on the side of satanic belief because of pride. Well, yeah… the truth convicts us.

While I’m deeply heartbroken at the stats about this and even ticked that this subject is even an issue, it’s no surprise either as we read in scripture that Satan hates us and he is truly our common enemy (Eph. 6:12) and working hard at destroying the family unit. And God had put enmity between male and female and offspring (Gen. 3:15) of which choosing sin, created and creates chaos still. The Good News! In the New Covenant, by His grace and wounds, we are healed – God sent His son, Jesus Christ to save & redeem us from sin and can cover our sin and shame now… but we must be willing to confront/repent, seek forgiveness and genuinely change. (2 Cor. 12:9) Today is the day of Salvation friends! Scriptures/warnings about anger becoming violent against another.

Furthermore, much can be said about violence taking place globally impoverished areas too so let’s just spend some time getting informed about this epidemic. Because it  has sadly led to other criminal behavior such as Porn use which is rampantly bent in violent nature and causing destruction from within. Therefore, would you please listen to this passionate & educational TedxTalk plea that I believe will challenge the stereotypes, bystanders and no longer remain silent about this issue highlighting the lack of men’s true leadership to protect others! A paradigm shift is needed and YOU can be a part of it men and women… check it out:


The secular evidence about violence being normalized:


We can surely do better as a people made in the image of our Creator God. Moral Integrity is always right yet, cannot save our souls toward true transformation – only Jesus can do that! Have you believed and repented yet? Has anger, pride/arrogance consumed your thought-life? Fear God. Get a grip because it will destroy you and others. As we grow in His mercy / grace, sanctification, the Holy Spirit gives us the ability to overcome sin in our lives. We are truly, without excuse especially if we are Believers.  (Acts 17:30)

This truth should make us shudder at the thought of judgment day.

Fearing The Lord.   

Take some time yourself and notice how often you view this disturbing trend of violence against women or children either physically or verbally on t.v.,  movies, magazines, fashion etc. and see for yourself then ask the Lord how you can better stand for righteousness, integrity in your own thought-life, home life, marital relationship, parental relationship and communities. In order to stop the demand, consumption of violence and ignorant acceptance thereof – we must first look within and willingly turn our idols into ashes. This means all of us!

Some activity we can do to begin the process or replacing the degrading with the pure: Pray, ask God to search our hearts to see if there is any wicked way in us. Are we bitter about something or someone? Is anger your go-to move? Do we have movies at home that highlight these images? What music or movies are our own kids watching/listening to? Is dad an addict? Is dad beating mom? Is mom violent? Is your home life unsafe? Are you being neglected? Is there any form of violence being enabled among us?  are some ways we can confront / expose sin out from among us and get healing in Christ. Thus, isn’t it worth while to check our consciences and home-life activity too? (Prov. 31:27)

Admittedly,  it can be hard to destroy idols in our lives; both good and bad. We give excuse for the things we enjoy or the old habits that show themselves in the heat of the moment  without giving second thought whether or not we should be doing it or promoting something or worse, have become numb to embracing things that go against God’s word…. we truly need to as His people that is, pray for help and see whether it pleases the Lord and lines up with His word. Does it honor Him / The Gospel and those in your life?  As far as abuse/violence is concerned: Are we truly living transformed lives?

This is surely an ongoing process but it doesn’t need to take our entire lives – too many lives are broken already.  Boys are in desperate need of Godly fathers too! Thus, let’s take these broken things to the altar of the Lord who sees, knows us and seek His healing and deliverance of violent cycles. I am posting helpful links for further help for those in need in this area too. (See below) We must seek the Lord’s forgiveness so He can cleanse us of sin’s bondage from our anger, pride and bravely say NO  to immoral behaviors, crude language, coarse jokes, jealousy, racist talk, rage, physical abuse, verbal abuse, dehumanizing others and seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, – speaking truth in love at all cost.  A noble, heavenly task and definitely not for whiners.

I’m a firm believer that ANY addiction or violent tendency can be overcome/won through Christ and our cooperation! But safety is first priority. If you need shelter, seek it! Do you need an ounce of humility? We all do. Take a step in the right direction, seeking righteousness and Jesus will supply. Cultivate self control. Only then can biblical truth, authenticity, freedom and beauty be realized in us and the world in which we live. Encourage yourself by speaking the Word of God over yourself, your spouse and your children today.

 Let us test and examine our ways, and return to the Lord! -Lamentations 3:40

Silence is compliance. Will you break the chains with the grace and strength Jesus freely gives and lead?

Physical, Emotional, Spiritual Helps, Healing & Resources!

Women & Children –

Anger Management:

Women’s Shelters:

Philly Area Shelters:

Help for men:

Sex Trafficking:

Addiction Help:

Raising Godly Children:

Ending Violence Against Women:


Combating ‘Campus Rape’ with new laws :

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